Building a modern Learning Environment: Trends and Strategy

Building a modern Learning Environment: Trends and Strategy

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Google introduced the term micro-moments as a key for successful digital marketing. This refers to the spaces in life when you are ready to get engaged in order to fulfil a need and are open to make it happen. In this spirit when it comes to the need to learn micro-courses are the answer. Meaning, concentrated experiences to improve your skills and knowledge. The concept is both adapted to the way people learn most effectively with less information and more interactivity, and it also is well-adapted to the tight schedule that people in general nowadays must struggle with.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

The difference between augmented reality and virtual reality (VR) is that VR is an environment of completely virtual illusion, while the AR includes element of both virtual as well as adding visual elements into the real physical environment. This is the optimal interactive environment to learn in a visual often learning by doing approach.

Using Wearables

The main benefits with wearables in education are that it has great prospects to improve personal learning through advanced data collection, in a similar way as it is revolutionizing the fitness industry. It can also help the performance of teams and improve collaborative knowledge building etc.


The following steps form a strategy to build an excellent learning environment:

  1. Set the goals and vision for the learning environment.
  2. Devices and curriculum – the decisions on these areas should be made at the same time from a shared vision.
  3. Integrate digital literacy security, meaning safeguards, so that no student or teacher is left out because he or she is not able to use the digital benefits accurately.
  4. Decide and implement a digital content and tools strategy and make it work with the traditional learning environment. How is this strategy helping the students to reach their educational goals?
  5. Decide how to make use of the data digital learning applications produce to improve the learning experience for the students to reach better result.

More profound analysis on building a modern learning environment will be published soon here on eLearningworld.

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