Brand Management transforms to Brand Publishing

Brand Management transforms to Brand Publishing

Brand Management Transforms To Brand PublishingBrand management is a 20th Century term that is now transforming into the sharing economy. The outcome is that the broadcasting of values and design and events is becoming more of publishing of engaging content and collaboration with an audience. Meaning that the focus more is on the direct interaction with the audience that becoming collaborators in building the brand.

Forget brand management – Act like a publisher

Greg Satell, business consultant writes in Harvard Business Review:

“… marketers do need to think more like publishers, but they also need to act more like publishers if they are ever going to be able to hold an audience’s attention.”

Then he focuses on four points that content marketers have to focus on:

1. Focus on the mission, not attention

2. Prototype ideas and formats instead of reverse-engineering them

3. Be obsessed with process

4. Don’t just “brainstorm,” relentlessly improve ideas.

Brand publishing in the tracks of Industry 4.0

One of the developments within Industry 4.0 is that products and services are becoming more personally adapted to the buyer. This requires that the customer becomes a collaborator in the production process and the same thing appears with successful brand publishing. In addition, when the audience becomes a vital part of the development of the brand. The result is not just attention but more profound and creative engagement in the brand community.

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