Boosting qualitative and effective apprenticeships in Europe

Boosting qualitative and effective apprenticeships in Europe

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The European Commission has identified 14 criteria that EU countries and stakeholders should use to develop qualitative and effective apprenticeships across Europe. The criteria includes learning and working conditions, like written contract; learning outcomes, pedagogical support, pay and/or compensation, as well as work, health and safety conditions. Other criteria concerns framework conditions, like regulatory framework, support for companies and career guidance. The Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility, Marianne Thyssen, comments: “We want to make sure that young people learn the skills they need for work. Apprenticeships are the ‘Gold Standard’ in vocational education and training. Two out of three apprentices move straight into jobs after finishing their education. With today’s new framework, we define what makes apprenticeships shine. Once adopted, the framework will ensure that both learners and employers benefit from quality apprenticeships.” The criteria will be implemented with funding from the European Social Fund, and so far the European Alliance for Apprenticeship has accomplished 750 000 places for young apprentices all over Europe. This include with the new Erasmus initiative called ErasmusPro. Source: European Commission

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