Blockchain technology to impact the creative industry and education

Blockchain technology to impact the creative industry and education

Cryptocurrency 3401786 1280The blockchain technology buzzing is everywhere via investors, entrepreneurs, even politicians and in higher education. As Harvard Business Review has termed it a foundational technology. Where global market forecasts show the prospects of extraordinary growth. The buzzword on everybody’s lips. It is very likely to turn into one of the main transformative forces to go further into the digital society.

Creative industry and education

The creative industry and education are two of the fields where blockchain can have a great impact. As I write in my book “Learning Design in Practice for Everybody”: “Blockchain that is used in the creative industry including the learning design field has the potential of introducing a designer centred model.” In this line of thinking, Ryo Takahashi writes at World Economic Forum: “It’s likely the case that creative work is in reality worth much more, but the problem is that creative work is undervalued due to all of the transaction frictions we see today.” These frictions blockchain can be diminished dramatically for instance by replacing conventional contracts, transparency of revenue generation and personal branding.

Blockchain technology in the educational sector

The venture capitalist Anjli Jain writes in Entrepreneur about the benefits with blockchain in the educational sector, with triggers like no intermediates, easy sharing and reduced costs. She also points out that there are few examples of using this technology in this field today, and writes:

“I can’t wait to see the way blockchain technology unfolds in coming years and how could I be a part of this by supporting startups working in this space.”

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LarsGoran Bostrom©

Author of the book  Learning Design in Practice for Everybody and developer of interaQtive Books

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