Augmented Reality – the Pioneers of a New Environment

Augmented Reality – the Pioneers of a New Environment

Augmented Reality - The Pioneers Of A New Environment
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Let an avatar follow your movements in an augmented reality environment, interested? Disney is making great progress within this field. Let’s try another, why not visualise furniture and other items to place them in your own home to optimize your interior design before you actually buy and taking the physical product home. IKEA is here the pioneer with Currys not far behind. Or take the learning environment to the next level with virtual reality? Like the VR platform for chemistry teaching developed in collaboration between the University of Bristol and Interactive Scientific Ltd.

Augmented Reality and Learning

To enter an augmented reality environment is to enter a learning space, it could be to show your abilities as a poser, or learning about authentic interior design och optimize learning in whatever subject. To use the words from a story on the Ericsson blog:

“Now, the next tech revolution has already started with the supercharging of human cognition and senses via AR experiences.”

In a research paper from Disney that introduces the application AR Poser that takes augmented reality selfies. It is replicating the same pose as a human is taking, your 3D alter ego is born.

In the second part of this story about AR, I will continue to explore the pioneers and trends.

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LarsGoran Bostrom©

Author of the book “Learning Design in Practice for Everybody” and the founder of eLearningworld Europe AB. And also the developer of SOE PublishingLab – a new platform for integrated storytelling in interactive books, with augmented reality features.

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