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AI tutoring on online courses at a business school

AI tutoring on online courses at universityFlorida International University will provide AI-powered tutoring and assessments for FIU College of Business students. The online courses will use Cognii Virtual Learning Assistant that engages students in a natural language conversation. Its focus is directed on providing instant personalized feedback and assessments. It can also automatically grade short essays written by students. This includes evaluating vital skills like critical thinking and problem-solving.

David-John Palmer, professor of information systems management, comments in the following way.

“As we pursue FIU’s strategic plan to meet the 21st-century challenges in higher education and focus on helping students graduate in a timely fashion with minimal debt while preparing them for high-quality jobs, we believe EdTech innovations such as Cognii virtual learning assistant will play a key role in improving our scale, efficiency and sustainability. Based on the success during the fall semester, we are looking forward to expanding the scope of using Cognii to improve student learning.”

Source: Florida International University 

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