A developer’s dilemma: developing history for the future

A developer’s dilemma: developing history for the future

sveflagA developer's dilemma: developing history for the future

Developer’s dilemma

The difficulty with a puzzle is to find the right piece and place it right, with the goal that a comprehensive picture will emerge for the viewer. This has significant similarities with the development of an eLearning-course. Lots of different pieces can be used, both external and internal to be placed wherever there is a space on the screen. The difference between the work of a puzzle’s taker and an eLearning-developer is that those who study the course should not only understand the picture itself, but also what to do with it.

Another difference for the developer is that he has access to more pieces than necessary. There are pieces that do not fit or at least do not help to improve the project. Functionality does not mean that one eLearning-module should have as many functions as possible, but instead functionality should be customized to the user and her learning-skills.

eLearning in progress

Some time ago we received a very well written and interesting book-manuscript from the historian Robert Ahlman at Gotland University. Since our main business is focused on interactive learning materials, eLearning, we asked whether it was possible to write a manuscript that was adapted for eLearning. Today, approximately four years after the first contact part 1-2 of History Richbook is ready for launch and the book from the original manuscript will soon be on its way to the printers.

Historia Richbook

The conditions were therefore good. The basic manuscript to Historia Richbook did to some extent develop during the process itself and was structured on basis of current research on effective pedagogical methods. The student’s motivation and user-friendliness were additional factors that weighed heavily. On this basis, the text material has become a richly illustrated journey through the European history with images and 3D movies. The historical dictionary that is integrated into the program calls for further studies. Easy navigation, interactivity and pedagogical tools are other important pieces for the learning-process.

With this online-based eLearning-material, we aim to make history in two senses. While others copy the tradition printing-format and launch it as an online-based material, we have developed an eLearning-course that takes advantage of all benefits of the digital technology, and also in accordance with current pedagogical research.

Please contact us to test and evaluate the Historia Richbook. Unfortunately, the first edition is only in Swedish, but our aim is to translate it to English and other languages as soon as possible.

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LarsGöran Boström